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Composite Doors

Over the last few years, a new type of door has been emerging as a serious competitor to UPVC as the material of choice for exterior doors. You may or may not have heard the term composite door but either way, it’s very possible that you don’t know the difference between the two. So, just exactly what are composite doors?

Unlike UPVC doors, which are purely plastic, composite doors are made from a number of different materials. These layers are pressed and glued together under extreme high pressure. The materials used are specially selected for the properties that they possess, each in turn counteracting a specific problem that is commonly encountered with single material doors.

The other major fact that separates composite doors from other materials is the thickness. Most classic UPVC doors are around 28mm thick. This is still very strong and durable, making most doors difficult to break down. However, a composite door is usually around 44mm thick. This, in combination with a good selection of materials, makes them extremely strong and weather resistant. But there are numerous other reasons why more homeowners are choosing composite doors. Let’s have a closer look at some of them

Composite Door Security

While it’s true that UPVC doors are very secure, composite doors offer the highest level of security. The frames and the main body of the door, even when set with reinforced glass or plastic, remain incredibly strong. It is almost impossible for anyone to gain entry to your home without the use of heavy duty, specialist tools – the kind that would certainly attract attention and be out of the feasible reach for most would-be burglars. The steel covered frames are also exceptionally strong, adding an extra dimension of security.

The laminated and secure glass is also shatterproof, so you can rest assured that any domestic accidents won’t result in nasty cuts, or worse.

Plus, with a choice of additional security options and locks, you can make doubly sure that your home is as safe as it can be.

Composite Door Look And Feel

UPVC is now available in a range of colours, so you won’t be stuck with just the classic white or wood effect. However, for real choice and variety, composite doors allow you to match materials and colours to your overall design scheme. With numerous colours and finishes available, including white, rosewood, red, blue, green, black and more, there will be a door to fit your plans. There are also a number of stylish glass options, with both traditional and modern styles available. So, whether you want a classic or contemporary composite front door, there will be something to suit.

Value For Money Composite Doors

The original outlay for a composite door may be more than for UPVC and other traditional materials but thanks to its durability, quality and life span it represents great value for money. In fact, a composite door has a life span of around 35 years and is mostly maintenance free. The materials used don’t weather in the sun, wind and rain as much as some others, so you won’t have to sand and paint regularly. All it will require is a clean every now and then to keep it looking as good as new.

Thermally Efficient Composite Doors

While thermal doors from different composite door suppliers are designed differently and use different materials, there is one thing they all seem to have in common. Namely that they all offer a higher degree of thermal efficiency than other materials. Almost all designs feature insulating inner foam that offers exceptional thermal properties. This will help to keep your home warm in the long winter months and have a perceivable impact on your heating bills.

With a higher level of safety and security, better thermal efficiency, a great choice of finishes and colours, plus a reduced need for maintenance, it’s not surprising that bespoke composite doors are increasingly popular. And with composite front door prices coming down, it could be your best option. With a quality guarantee that means you won’t need to replace your door for years to come, a composite door makes great financial sense.

It’s not just front doors that can benefit from the composite design. Composite back doors, composite stable doors and wood composite garage doors are all also available. So, you can reap the benefits of the composite design all over your property. Protect your home, give it a stylish facelift and ensure that your doors won’t cause you any more headaches for years to come.