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Double glazing started out life being called insulated glazing, or IG. It was originally invented as far back as the 1930s, but the technology really began to improve in the 1950s. Since then it has been sweeping the world as an efficient and safe alternative to single-paned glass.

A double-glazed window (although these days it’s also widely used for doors too) works by having two (or more) sheets of glass to surround a vacuum or gas-filled space. This glass is usually between 3 and 10 mm thick, although laminated glass can also be used as part of its construction. In general, double-glazed windows use glass with the same thickness on each side of the gas centre but special acoustic glass can vary the thickness if required. The two panes are separated by a strip of plastic material called a spacer. This seals the space between the two panes, making it airtight. This both reduces heat loss between the two spaces but also improves structural strength and thermal capacity.

There are a number of reasons why double-glazing units have become the windows of choice for home owners, renovators and developers over the past few decades. It’s well worth having a closer look at some of them.

Double Glazing Safety and Security

Double-glazed doors and windows are significantly safer than single glazing for a number of reasons. They are much tougher and more difficult to break, reducing the risk of injury. As windows and doors are weak spots in any building design, it also makes your home much harder to break into. Double glazing is very difficult to smash, even with heavy duty tools, which means your home is protected to a much higher degree. Many would-be thieves and burglars are put off by the mere presence of double-glazed windows, preferring instead to look for an easier opportunity somewhere else. So it’s an effective preventative measure.

Reduce Energy Consumption With Double Glazing

A double-glazed door and windows can also help to make a house much more efficient. That’s because heat loss through double glazing is significantly reduced over traditional single-pane glass. That means it takes less energy to heat your home and there is less heat penetration on warmer days. Double glazing acts as a thermal barrier that protects the ambient temperature of your home, helping to keep costs down in the long run. This should be taken into account when getting a quote for any double glazing.

Reduced Noise With Double Glazing

Double glazing can also help to reduce a large amount of the noise that passes through single panes. If you live on a busy road, under a flight path or in other areas with high levels of ambient noise, double glazing can help to cut this back to more manageable levels. If you’re tired of road noise or get woken up by people coming home from the pub at unreasonable hours and chatting in the road, this could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Reduced Condensation With Double Glazing

For single-pane, wood-framed windows, an excess of condensation can cause huge problems. Over time, moisture build up can penetrate the wood, causing it to rot. This will result in costly repairs and even the need to replace the entire window. By insulating against temperature change, condensation on double-glazed windows is virtually non-existent. No more wiping down windows or worrying that the frames are rotting away in front of your eyes.

Double Glazing Maintenance

Wooden and even metal-framed windows need regular repair. This is not true of UPVC double-glazed door and window installations. This long-lasting polymer is not susceptible to moisture or other extremes of temperature and does not require regular maintenance such as painting or sanding. The lack of double-glazing repairs should also be factored into the overall cost of replacing any window.

As you can see, there are numerous very good reasons for swapping out old windows for modern double-glazed alternatives. With a huge range of colours and styles available, including double-glazed sash windows, you can fit double-glazed windows in virtually any building, including those that are listed. With no maintenance, reduced noise and heat loss, and added security and safety, double glazing is the natural choice for homes and businesses across the UK. And with reasonable prices for full refits, now could be the time to make the change.